Giving away my old project files

I’ve been digging through old animation experiments so I can give them away for free.


First, because I have learned so much from the people who have given away knowledge, examples, and more for free.

Second, because for me, sharing freely has always been difficult, and I know it is a good practice in humility, vulnerability, and generosity. And boy, I need to work on those things!

My whole life I have struggled with wanting to hoard my knowledge. I would figure out how to build something with legos and then hoard my techniques. I would learn something new in drawing, and then try to pretend I figured it out myself.

And when I taught people, it was because I wanted to be the hero. The man with the answers.

I think it’s always been a pride thing – I didn’t want people to find out I didn’t actually have “original ideas” or to expose me as, gasp!, someone who learns from others.

I’m working hard to reverse that!

…introducing /SHARE

“Freely you have received; freely give” – Matthew 10:8

One of my favorite books, Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon, describes a Wunderkammern, a “wonder-chamber” or “cabinet of curiosities” – a “room filled with rare and remarkable objects that serve as a kind of external display of your thirst for knowledge of the world.”

He says to open your cabinet of curiosities, share your taste, share the by-products of your creating. Don’t be a hoarder.

So without further ado…


These aren’t perfectly clean, efficient After Effects projects – they probably have weird techniques and hacks. But the more I develop in my creative career, the more I’ve realized everything is just weird hacks and nobody knows what they’re doing.

That might be an exaggeration, but I do believe that being a good creative is more about knowing how to figure out the hacks than having the perfect solution for everything.

Here’s the first two projects (check out the SHARE page for more):

Summer Volleyball

Summer 2017: I animated this back when I was playing a lot of sand volleyball. A simple but fun one! Get it

Midwest Driving

Summer 2017: I animated this during a summer of a lot of driving. I had several 12+ hr drives that I got to enjoy podcasts, audio-books, and seeing how long I can go without peeing. Get it

Find more over on the SHARE page!

That’s where I’ll be collecting these over time. Check it out!

If you learn anything from these projects, I’d love to see it! Tweet it at me, tag me on instagram, or shoot me an email at [email protected]

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