How to create clients that love you

The best way to gain client respect is to act on their behalf, not your own.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the creative businesses that build long-term partnerships with clients, and then ones that seem to always have a negative client experience.

I’ve noticed the Creative industry (me included) can often tend to lean towards a “tortured artist” self-centeredness.

“They came to ME.”
“I’M the professional here.”
“I can’t believe they ruined OUR edit”

It creates a dangerous “us vs. them” mentality that can cause long-term dissatisfaction and frustration on both sides. I’ve been guilty of this as much as anyone, but recognizing is the first step to improving.

Instead of thinking about what is best for you, think about what is best for them.

It’s a challenging mindset shift, but it is a core function of good business. If they hired you, your job is to help them, not just yourself.