The start of my new business

This is the brief story of how I’m starting my new business. And how it’s not really a new business… kinda.

This business is the continuation of software, side-projects, experiments and interests I’ve been working on for the last several years. However, I recently put a new name and niche to it and started pursuing it more seriously.

So what is it? Here’s the short version. I plan on diving deeper into each of these topics in the future.

The motivation

I believe small businesses need video marketing just as much as large businesses. Unfortunately, high quality video has been too expensive or difficult for many of the small businesses that hold up our economy. My mission is to bring marketing knowledge and video content to people who haven’t had access to it because of the time and money investment it has traditionally taken.

The business idea

Build a business that can mass-customize and sell a library of motion-design video content to a market will benefit from it.

The target market

Real Estate Agents. Why? Real Estate Agents are really selling trust – the main way they distinguish themselves from each other is by building a brand and network of people that trust them. Video content that provides real value is one of the most powerful ways to build trust with an audience. And because realtors only compete in a local market, it doesn’t matter if a realtor in Kansas City has the same type of video content as a realtor in St. Louis. The same video, when customized and branded, can help both businesses.

The value proposition

Video marketing for the modern Realtor. Attract leads and build your brand without the time, hassle, and money of traditional video.

EstateVid gives Real Estate Agents access to high-quality video marketing content, from educational videos to customer testimonials to new listing and open house announcements for social media. By creating strategic content specifically for Realtors and offering a simple, easy brand customization process, Realtors can get the benefits of high-quality video marketing without the time, hassle, and money.

This application of this idea has already evolved several iterations since inception. I’m planning for it to keep evolving as I learn what works and what real estate agents are looking for.

The goals

Build a sustainable and profitable side business working towards these initial goals.

  • Monthly Revenue: $10,000
  • My personal time commitment: < 10 hours/week
  • Remote team of freelancers
  • Outsource accounting/bookkeeping

The plan

Right now, I’m deep in the middle of customer conversations – I’ve been picking up the phone and calling people to discuss the idea and determine if it is actually solving a real problem or if I’m trying to force a solution upon people. I’m about to undergo the 4th complete rewrite of my homepage and offering as I begin to narrow on a positioning that seems promising.

My primary goal right now is to build an email list by sharing useful information about my niche (Real Estate Video Marketing). I’m writing blog posts and spinning up social media accounts and practicing my content marketing strategies.

This blog

I’ve wanted to make this whole website a place where I can share my projects and share my learnings. This is no different. For the near future, my main project is EstateVid and I will be using this blog as a place to document and share my learnings as I build the business. I’m excited to learn and build this new(ish) business!

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