Pivvot logo animation

Some of you might know of my design and animation studio, Pivvot. If you don’t…you’re dead to me.

Just kidding (kinda), but I wanted to take a quick time and introduce Pivvot. Pivvot is a creative studio that uses design and animation to help businesses. It’s where I spend a large portion of my time, and I’m really proud of the clients I have had the opportunity to help through various types of projects and relationships.

If you want to see my client work, look to Pivvot.

I am going to be using ChrisZachary.me as primarily an outlet for my personal projects, thoughts, and other endeavors. It will be an ongoing experiment as I move through life and figure out where I am going. My client work and most of my design and animation work will be shared through Pivvot’s channels (primarily the instagram account.)

There will probably be some overlap between accounts – I’ll share little stuff here and there on my  personal channels, but the bulk of client work I produce will not be distributed here.

I’ve been learning a lot recently, and I want to share it. That’s what this site is for.

Pivvot is for work.

But stick around, because I think this one might be more interesting.