Chainamation – Round 5


Chainamation is an awesome collaborative project created by Shawn Hight, Ira Hardy and Kyle Martinez. Each contributor is given 72 hours to animate 1-2 seconds adding to what the previous animator has done… I had the amazing opportunity of starting off round 5! It’s very exciting to see my work along with these extremely talented people – hats off to them!


I was given a very open brief for this collaboration – since I was starting the round, there were no requirements except for an awesome color pallette. Because I animated this back in March (during the NCAA tournament), the first thing that popped into my head was to do something basketball themed.

This was my first attempt at full cell animation in photoshop and also my first experiment with my new (at the time) Wacom Cintiq! I learned a lot in the process and found a huge new appreciation for the traditional cell animators out there.

Finally, huge thanks to School of Motion for the awesome series of videos about animation in photoshop.



Chris Zachary
Valerio Bosi
Answer Ejiasi
Fernando Orozco
Eloise Bento
Carles Gascon
Traci Brinling
Andreas Maretzek
Louis Wesolowsky
Handel Eugene
Cory Martin
Joshua Court
Fernao Spadotto

Ryan Lewis
Brent Clouse
Joe Basile