Quality of Life

Nothing is better than getting to work on an exciting project for a great client – and that is exactly what this project was. Nichols Chiropractic approached me with interest in creating an “explainer video” for the practice. In our initial conversations, we discussed the best way of approaching the video – as we wanted to stray away from the cookie-cutter promotional explainer video that is usually seen online. We decided the best way to target our intended audience was to create a warm, authentic, and emotional tone with the video that would really dive into WHY Nichols Chiropractic helps people. We landed on the theme of “Quality of Life”.

Armed with this knowledge, I set out to create a concept and script that would effectively communicate the message that we discovered.




Client: Nichols Chiropractic
Studio: Pivvot
Concept, Script, Storyboards, Creative Direction, Illustration, Animation, Sound Design: Chris Zachary




Since Nichols Chiropractic was awesome enough to give me nearly complete creative control on this project, I had the exciting challenge of handling the entire process from start to finish. That process consisted of:

  1. Client discovery – find out exactly what the client was looking for and what problem needed to be found.
  2. Strategic research – to find the best way to reach the client’s audience and solve the problem.
  3. Concept development – how are we going to turn this strategy in to a real-life video solution?
  4. Scripting – taking our theoretical concept and turning it into concrete words.
  5. Storyboarding – drawing out the visual concept to go along with the script.
  6. Styleframes – creating fully illustrated frames to establish the visual style that will define the video.
  7. Design/Illustration – designing and texturing every element that will be seen in the video.
  8. Animation – making everything move! I started with a draft with rough animations and then kept going back through and polishing keyframes until I ran out of time!
  9. Texturing/Polishing – in order to give the video a handcrafted feel, I added lots of texturing and details.
  10. Sound/Music – I licensed stock music, brought in the voiceover that I contracted from a professional artist, and added in sound design to pull everything together into one polished video!

I’m very proud of this project and thankful for the opportunity to help out such a fantastic client!


Early concept development and character sketches:

Sometimes, the visuals evolve over the lengthy process of creating a video like this. I put together this video to show how the storyboard compares to the final video.

Initial animation style tests:

Final frames from video: