time to change

It’s Tuesday night, August 14 and I haven’t posted anything here in forever. It’s not like I haven’t done anything since my last post…I’ve been writing, I’ve been designing, I’ve been animating – probably more than ever. But I haven’t been sharing.

Why? Well, half of it is I’ve honestly been busy. Half of it is I’m a forgetful son of a gun. But the real half of it is I’m a self-stifling perfectionist and I’m afraid of what people think. If I release work that isn’t completely done, posts that aren’t fully thought out, or peaks at my process, I will be exposing my true self.

This is the reason I seem to never share my work. It’s the reason I rarely post on instagram. It’s the reason all my writing is in private google docs. It’s the reason my sketches are in a private sketchbook in my room. Because if I’m going to release something to the world, I want it to be perfect.

But I know me. It will never be perfect. So it will never be shared. Bad, Chris. Bad.

I want to curate everything. I want to make my brand someone who has it together. But I don’t have it all together. This “perfectionism” has made me selfish. It’s prevented me from sharing what I’m learning, what I’m doing, and from growing at the rate I want to grow.


Time to change.