After Effects – Tips n Tricks

Quick Tips

Using Eyedropper Color Picker Correctly

To use the eyedropper tool to color pick outside After Effects, Hover and press Enter (Return) – don’t click. Boom.



If I had to choose only one script it would be this one. Allows you to copy and paste ease values between keyframes. Bless this script.
Motion 2
I use this every day to set rough ease values (always refine in the graph editor btw). Also use the “Null” button and Reposition Anchor Point functionalities errday all day.
It’s really dumb that After Effects needs a script to do this…but it does. And if you ever work with Shape Layers and strokes, this will save you a heckin lot of clicks.
Save Comp As Project
Does exactly what it says…save a comp as its own project. Makes it much cleaner sharing comps between projects. There’s also a bunch of other settings I don’t use.





Keyboard Shortcuts

(In timeline) CTRL+ALT click keyframe Convert to Hold Keyframe
B / N set beginning and end of Work Area
Shift +/- cycle through blend modes
CTRL+J Full resolution
CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+J Quarter resolution
Shift+Home/End jump to start/end of work area
CTRL+ALT+Home center anchor point
CTRL+Home center your layer in comp
SHIFT+click on pickwhip unparent layer
CTRL + Double click Pan Behind tool center the anchor point
CTRL+D duplicate
CTRL+SHIFT+D split and duplicate layer
CTRL+ALT+/ replace selected layer in comp with selected source in project window (also can hold ALT and drag to replace)
SHIFT+1/2/3 set numerical markers

  • “Tab” to move between comps
  • Hold down “ALT” and drag layers in/out point to stretch the layer
  • Hold down “ALT” when dragging a shape to use paths instead of parametric shapes.

Customized Shortcuts


  • Shift+D: separate dimensions
  • F5: toggle graph editor