"Open your cabinet of curiosities"

– Austin Kleon

I'm giving away project files and more

I’m sharing a bunch old project files, new presets, and more so they don’t just sit collecting dust on my hard drive. Some are nice, some are messy, some are a little embarrassing…

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, hopefully these files help you out, inspire you, or motivate you!

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3D Text Flip in Cinema 4D/After Effects

Seamlessly transition between words with a simple 3D text set up and some nice chromatic aberration and noise

cz_typewriter - Typing Animation Preset for After Effects

Simple typing animation preset with a blinking cursor. Adjustable easing, and customizable cursor character.

Responsive Grid Rig- After Effects Project File

Uses one Null and some simple controls to create a responsive grid with adjustable sizes and scales.

Freelancer Spotlight - After Effects Project File

Project includes Master Properties for customization, Procedural Text Animation, and Photo Template.

Summer Volleyball - After Effects Project File

Summer 2017: I animated this back when I was playing a lot of sand volleyball. A simple but fun one!

Midwest Driving - After Effects Project File

Summer 2017: I animated this during a summer of a lot of driving. I had several 12+ hr drives that I got to enjoy podcasts, audio-books, and seeing how long I can go without peeing.

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