Is the motion design community actually nice?

Recently there have been a number of “controversial” things that have emerged in the animation/design community. Namely, Joey’s Mograph Goes Through Puberty article and more recently, the birth of The reaction has been surprising and got me thinking.

The motion design community seems to be a paradox.

We have at one time, both a community of kindness, support, and generosity and also a toxic attitude of resentment and negativity. Much of the time, everyone is very supportive and genuinely helpful to each other. It is amazing.

We also have people attacking others who are genuinely trying to help, because they didn’t do it the way we wanted. We are quick to grab our pitchforks whenever something happens that we aren’t comfortable with. I think it stems from a root problem of jealousy. We hate seeing other people succeed because we feel threatened. We don’t want the barrier of entry to get lowered by training because at some level, that threatens us. And it’s not fair that it’s so easy for them, when we had to work so long and hard for it.

I realized I am sometimes guilty of this jealousy. And I imagine for the people that spent years of their life and $100,000+ on art school, the tempation for this jealousy is much stronger. That makes sense.

But we can’t sacrifice civil discussions and progress to fear or jealousy or negativity. That doesn’t help anyone. That’s not sustainable.

Don’t let kindness be merely a mask.