How to improve at everything

When you learn to draw, the key isn’t drawing straight lines or using great pencils or finding the most beautiful paper stock. It’s about learning to see. Often, the difference between those who can draw and those who can’t – is a trained eye. You notice the details. You notice the simple shapes that everything is made from. You notice that shadows aren’t actually black and that water isn’t actually blue

You notice.

Good design is also about seeing. It’s about seeing the true problem that you are trying to solve. It’s about learning as much about your client as possible in order to uncover the true goals of the project.

A well-made video is about seeing the problem, discovering what needs to be said, and coming up with a creative way to deliver the solution. The visuals, sounds, and motions of the video are all just manifestations of the solutions that you see, unfolding naturally from the things that you observed at the beginning of the process.

It’s all about seeing.